Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pure evil

" ... the giant isopod has one of the most repulsive forms in the animal kingdom to humans. This is thought by psychologists to be due to its many legs, exaggerated exoskeleton, large compound eyes, and foul odor that it obtains through a life underwater. Because of this, giant isopods are rarely found in the human media, and are even less often used as pets."


Anonymous said...

fuckin take a baseball bat to all giant isopods. touch em with hot iron! shoot them with guns! pitchfork right through their shell! make 'em drink acid and poison!

Anonymous said...

Isopods have no soul, and therefore no mercy and no compassion.

Let them choke on their own bitter medicine.

Anonymous said...


They have never been filled with grace and charity, never danced with Beyonce in the pale moonlight, and never laid down their lives for the God-given rights of man.


Ricky said...

There is no fear in love; for perfect love casteth out fear.
- I John 4:18

We must love the isopods as brothers. There is no isopod and vertebrate, no marine and terrestrial, for we are all one in the LORD.