Thursday, December 4, 2008

High (Ancient) Times

Bringing you more news from China (by way of MSNBC): Turns out people have been smoking pot for a really long time. Based on this picture, though, you would think that this scientist picked up his sample from the dealer down the street.
[Caption: When rolling 2700-year-old joints, you have to be very careful.]

The article does not go so far as to say whether the stash is "dank" or "sticky," but does note that much of it is still "green." However, one researcher does insist that it is no longer potent (technicians, we have to imagine, were lining up to run that experiment).

For the complete story, click here.

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Zamdrovsky said...

Chinese Language House...inspiration...These variables suggest Look, Orion! is now, among many other things, the reincarnation of Gushi shaman folklore. Our lyrics will be in Tocharian. Maybe they already are? BACKwards?