Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Opening the Can

From Madison's (liberal rag) The Capital Times:

"In April, Kevin Diaz, 20, earned himself a trip back to jail after he and two friends pulled up alongside a man who was taking a bike ride on Madison's east side. Diaz leaned out of a back window of the sport utility vehicle and began hitting the man on the bicycle with a 32-inch ice scraper, authorities say.When the man on the bicycle asked him why, Diaz said,'I just got out of jail. I'm trying to have fun and whoop some ass.' Diaz is back in jail on a probation hold."

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Ricky said...

Wait, I want to know how much the biker was hurt. Seriously, I dare anyone to literally bash my head with an ice scraper, and the scraper would break waayyy before my skull did. In my experience, their effectiveness at battering is somewhere between a wiffle bat and a ski.

This was a crime of passion. That biker probably looked like such a total butthead, all in checkered spandex, and liberal, and wearing a large aerodynamic helmet, that you'd have to be a Catholic saint not to poke him in the ear with an ice scraper as you drive by.

More Madison police blotter!!