Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zombies: Not a problem

Last night I had a dream that I was in a gunfight, and amidst the chaos 'Lil Wayne tried to strangle me with his small intestine. I started yelling "shoot for the head! THE HEAD!" as if I were giving a lesson in zombie killing.

Question: Were a zombie attack really to occur in this day and age, how long do you think it would last until contained/stopped?

We all know that, since the beginning of zombie mythos, the only way to stop a zombie from nom-ing on your flesh is to aim a fatal shot, stab, or grenade straight to the brain. Save for some places in Manhattan and Bushwick, the un-dead would also be particularly easy to spot on the street, or, coming up your stairs. It wouldn't take long for somebody with any zombie knowledge whatsoever to devise a plan of action that either ended up in personally killing the zombie, or finding someone that could. I also wouldn't be surprised if in the Regan administration, a code:dead was created in the possibility of such an attack, resulting in an immediate containment and eradication of the un-dead. Though some/many uncontaminated individuals would undoubtedly be suck within the contained area, I'm sure that we would be smart enough to create militias to protect the interior, if they don't already exist. I mean, c'mon, zombies can't even use TOOLS.

So basically, were zombies really to attack, it'd all be over in a week and kids would say a few months later, "man remember when the un-dead rose and we got out of school for like a week? I wish that would happen before my Algebra 2 test tomorrow."

Yeah. We can all rest easy. Zombies: not a problem.


Anonymous said...

om nom nom nombies

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Zamdrovsky said...

What do we want?
When do we want 'em?