Friday, August 22, 2008

BROlympics Coverage

I wonder how the American Gymnasts feel about the current investigative efforts being conducted by the IOC in attempts extract correct ages of the Chinese Gymnasts.

Sure, they must be aggravated that "cheating" occurred. That the Chinese team employed an unfair advantage by entering their lighter more flexible capri-sun-drinking no-fear-having middle schoolers. But what must really piss them off is that it was in fact these baby-teeth-havers who beat their very well defined asses. They got beat by little girls. Really little girls. Really little tiny people with hello kitty backpacks. Simply put, that realization must suck. But probably not as much as the concurrent realization of these young Chinese gymnasts, that at age whatever, they have probably already had the most rewarding experience of their lives.They do have big shiny medals now though (Medals that I personally hope they get to keep), and I bet they'd make great spies.

That said, who wants to train for the 2012 trampoline team with me? I'm thinking we should probably go for the gold.

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Zamdrovsky said...

Pass..trampoline team is how I got a 6 inch scar on my left forearm in the 8th grade. To think, at that time in my life I could relate to female Chinese gymnasts seamlessly.