Thursday, August 21, 2008

no sugar no cream

i have done nothing but sleep all day today. not having a real job makes filling the daytime hours difficult. thanks to this blog, ill at least have something to do. im working on a remix of let's go to war. theyre electro / hip hop / pop, and i have no idea why they arent huge yet. theyve barely cracked the music blogs, which is super surprising to say the least. theyve opened up for m.i.a. and have just released a single, "burn down the disco/whole city's got a cold", the latter of which im trying to remix.

oh and i was just told of what should be a sick set tonight, with l.a. riots and dave nada playing at midnight. im on the list, baby.

make love make war make music

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Ricky said...

hey i think your links are broken