Monday, September 22, 2008

la la la

man i haven't posted in what seems like ages! i've been working hard (one day a week), buying groceries on the regular (bread, salami, and sushi), and playing hardcore video games (i am now a proud level 40 in halo 3, also, travis beat grand theft auto 4).

how do i fit in the time to BLOG ???

if you haven't heard, travis barker (drummer from blink 182, prob the only good thing from that band) and dj am were seriously injured in a plane crash this past week. four other passengers died - that darned celebrity luck! the l.a. dj scene is a lot different than the east coast scene. it's a lot more glamorous, a lot more flashy, and a lot more narcissistic. dj am is part of the same high flyin', hollywood associatin' club family of steve aoki, etc.

and mia moretti.

mia moretti is yet another female dj for boys all over the world to drool over. there's not much more sexy than a girl spinning at a club. it's like watching a dog walk on its hind feet; at first it seems wrong, but then it seems so, so right. mia's been tearing up clubs in l.a. for a while, but she recently embarked on a nationwide tour with the summer's new pop sensation, katy perry. yea that's right, mia moretti is katy perry's personal dj. CAN IT GET ANY BETTER ??

(i mean what if they made out with each other omg)

katy perry - hot n cold (mia moretti remix)

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Anonymous said...

like paris would say, thats so hot! no.. it's hotter, paris is so last year.