Monday, November 17, 2008

Accidental Mid-Occidental Festival

So Madison is in the midst of an accidental music festival. Two nights ago I saw Best Friends Forever (Minneapolis!), Best Fwends and Matt & Kim. Did any of you guys see Best Fwends open for Japanther at school about 2 years ago? They were really amusing then. This time around they were stellar. In the end, though, Best Friends Forever stole the show!

Last night I saw Disappears, Times New Viking and Deerhunter. Disappears were a tidal wave of distortion and intensity (everything else lost within), Times New Viking were great (but not much better than their album, which, like I said, is great).

But Deerhunter! Wow I have a new favorite band! Bradford Cox always annoyed the shit out of me. Maybe I was feeling tolerant last night, maybe he's not that bad. (Really, he's just a nice guy puttin' on a rock show!)

That band though rocked SO hard and writes SUCH good songs. Long, acutely-constructed, hard-rocking SONGS, MAN! I've been listening to a ton of Sonic Youth lately, and this show was right up that alley. So. Good. I cried...

And tonight I'm seeing No Age and Titus Andronicus.


Zamdrovsky said...

Also, there should be a band named:

Leon Leon Leon said...

we saw deerhunter at mccarren over the summer, it was awesome until he went all noise for about 10 minutes at the end of his set =/ TOO MUCH FEEDBACK

Zamdrovsky said...

I guess that's my downfall - I'm a real sucker for that shit.

HayK47 said...

I saw No Age and Titus Andronicus last weekabouts.

TA had a few fast paced rockabilly inspired bridges that I really liked. But their shitty fucked up guitars and a few well-placed crashes on stage amused me most.

And then No Age pretty much just rocked, despite problems with vocals and a few slip ups by the drummer.

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