Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 6, 2008: Best SNL Ever

I added Kristen Wiig to my interests on  Will we ever see Ricky on SNL?  WRITER?

I'm trying hard as hell to learn Needle in the Hay by Elliott Smith.  It's too bad that song has such suicidal connotations because it's really beautiful.  I really love that song.  I am curious whether anyone recorded the Look, Orion! cover of it.  Look, Orion!  Look,OrionLook,OrionLook,Orion.  Look, Orion!

Christmas is coming up.  Who's delivering my McDonald's Dollar Menu (the entire thing) by 8 a.m.?  Ketchup packets and salt shaker, please.  Coke for the soda.  Coke is the best soda in the world, and anyone who argues otherwise clearly has poor taste.  Are you crazy?  Pepsi?  Its taste is thin and dishonest.  Coca-Cola is a company I can believe in because it has invented the best flavor since BBQ which was naturally occurring.  Neanderthals had BBQ, and it was better than today's BBQ.  Any hipsterthal could tell you that.  But seriously, folk stars, your genre is going the way of ska.  Mix it up a little bit.

Did they only have Keenan and Kel dude play Plaxico Buress because he's the only black dude on the cast?  Is the guy who plays Barack Obama black?  It's difficult to tell.

Seth Meyers fucking sucks.


Zamdrovsky said...


Wiig’s introduction to performing came when she enrolled in a class—Acting 101, literally—to fulfill her college major. But she didn’t pursue it immediately. “I took a job working for a plastic surgeon where I would show people what they would look like after they got their surgery,” she says. “I was supposed to start on a Monday and it was Saturday. I was living in Tucson and I had one of those moments where I was like, What am I doing? I don’t want to live in Tucson working for a plastic surgeon.” The next day she packed and drove out to L.A.

Once there, “I thought I had no chance,” she recalls of the competition. But one night she went to a show at the Groundlings, and then pushed herself to take classes and perform. Then came the SNL audition and the rapid move to NYC a little less than two years ago. She’s embarrassed to admit she’s never been to Brooklyn and that her schedule leaves little time for hanging out. But she’s hoping to change that this fall.

“I love this time of year! Apple cider, pumpkins, I’m crazy for all that stuff,” she says, her blue eyes wide. “But my absolute favorite is the time right before Thanksgiving to Christmas. Twinkly lights in New York,” she says excitedly. “How can you not like that?”


Kristen Wiig said...

I can't listen to Seth Meyers for five minutes without wanting to pull all my fucking hairs out.

Dan Weisman said...

Yo,I'm gonna start sending you material for Look, Orion! next week. Hopefully we can start producing some more finished stuff shortly thereafter. Be next Christmas I expect to have completed a holiday album as well as 10 or 12 EPs.