Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oscar the Grout

Those are grout rakes.

If my little sister hadn't broken my camera in Italy, I would have actual photo documentation of this, but at several non-bro bars in Madison, there are literally hundreds of puns written in the grout between tiles on the walls of bathroom stalls, and every single one is about grout. I ask myself, Does this phenomenon occur elsewhere? I hoped that Madison's best had secretly developed something hilarious. Apparently that's probably not the case, because it's listed on Urban Dictionary under "Groutfiti," and I've found several pictures of grout jokes from Seattle.

Also a term: Grout Fishing, as in, "Bendix didn't have any luck at the party so he went grout fishing at the truck stop."

Countdown: exactly one day less than one week before I shave my celebratory beard and cut my hair for the first day of work.

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