Friday, September 12, 2008

today is marielle day

it's raining out. i'm holed up inside. i decided to take off my tshirt, then decided to put it back on before i had taken it all off. i have to remake my bed. clean my room. listen to tunes, and maybe take an afternoon nap.

it's been a good day. after all, it's marielle day.

i've been heavy into pop music lately. electro-pop, indie-pop, and disco-pop. i'm sort of sick of the whole dirty "french house" tracks, aka justice/mstrkrft/boys noize et. al. there's a time for heavy club music, and a time when i just want to put something on i can dance like an idiot to while making my bed. songs that sing about simple feelings, like puppy love, sleepovers, and eating ice cream. hipster as fuck: in a state of perpetual adolscent nostalgia. break out the nintendo, put on the breakfast club, we're having ourselves a grand ole' time.

here's some light bedroom disco to go along with it (courtesy of discodust):

memory cassette - listen to the vacuum

memory cassette - sleep on the roof

memory cassette - surfin

p.s. we saw samantha ronson in manhattan today! she was smoking a cigarette. and vibing lesbian everywhere. that is all.

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