Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby, I don't cuddle. Don't blame me, blame science.

According to a recent study, after sleeping in the same bed, both men and women sleep more poorly. However, a one Dr. Neil Stanley says that "women are pre-programmed to cope better with broken sleep." Which may explain why women fared better in cognitive tests then men after a night in a shared bed (even though both individuals reported to have slept well).

Bed sharing also affected dream recall. Women remembered more after sleeping alone and men recalled best after sex..."Historically, we have never been meant to sleep in the same bed as each other. It is a bizarre thing to do"
I'm calling Shennanigans on this one boys. There are solutions to your latenight dead-arm woes. Stop talking and hug it out bitch.

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Ricky said...

woah, that mattress is awesome.

But... I guess I prefer to do my intimate embracing on surfaces that can be laundered. Those creases would start to smell funk-y.