Sunday, September 7, 2008

fuck fashion

it's that time of year again, when even more stuffy socialites gather around than usual to worship the latest batch of clothing to grace the super tall super thin super models. fashion week hit nyc this weekend.

(to be honest, looking at the collections so far, i do like what i see)

fashion doesn't drive trends - it mostly reacts to them. music and arts pave the way for the clothes to come. styles and scenes are grown from artists, writers, and musicians. the simple beatnik style of black tights and tops. amy winehouse grows a beehive on her head that farms for heroin, and suddenly big hair crops on runways everywhere. the sex pistols have a group of followers so devoted to them that they are coined a name:
the bromley contingent. among this group is billy idol and siouxsie sioux, who both go on to be punk rock icons, inspiring goth and punk fashions for decades. karl lagerfeld finds a muse in cat power.

perhaps i'm being too hard on fashion. i feel that its artistic scope is limited by its need for functionality or accessibility. though i guess the same goes for architecture, and stuff like furniture design. it's just that when i look back at the history of fashion, i always see it a half step behind music. it seems now, though, it's anyone's game.

anyway, this rambling was just an excuse to post justice's mix they did for dior homme's spring/summer '09 show in paris. because when i think dior homme, i think electro prog church rock.

justice - planisphère (Part 1)

justice - planisphère (Part 2)

justice - planisphère (Part 3)

justice - planisphère (Final)

footnote: karl lagerfeld is also the host of one of the
fake radio stations in grand theft auto 4. wtf?

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