Sunday, August 31, 2008

mobama, not less

Barack Obama is the idea of artistic ambition followed to its logical conclusion.*

McCain's brilliant/desperate/what? VP choice makes me happy on the level of bastard-comeuppance: the millions of bigoted troglodytes who oppose Obama on (non-) principle will now have to swallow, regardless of outcome, the bitter ascent of the Other.

(Fact: in the day, Palin won a pageant!)


He is a serious and seriously accomplished writer.

He embodies a transformational narrative of his own construction. (That sentence scans as bullshit but I stand by, at least, its denotation.)

He made his career not through policy or ideology or (actual) reform but with his own words and the force of his fiercely empathetic personality.

(And when I say artistic ambition, I have extroverted ambition in mind. HayK47 and I disagree on the very terms of artistic creation---we almost came to blows in Durango on this point. Future post!)

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