Tuesday, September 2, 2008

from tokyo to toronto

howe-munny says his favorite band name is the toronto-based girls are short. i like it too, because girls should be short. and they are. and they should all be able to sing. and they can. in my mind, every girl i see on the street can sing beautiful melodies off the top of their heads. don't ruin that for me, hayley.

girls are short are also good friends with another canadian indie-electro-pop outfit, the one-man wonder shaw-han liem, also known as
i am robot and proud. do all canadian bands have awesome names ?? seems like they do. i have a monster boner for monster animals, so canadian bands are right up my alley: the unicorns, dragonette, even frog eyes. i mean, come on, wolf parade started the whole "wolf" band name phenomenon. then again, that shit came full circle and brought us AIDS wolf, also from montreal. ugh.

remember the
tenori-on post? here's i am robot and proud being introduced for the first time (seriously) to this wonderful machine with his own custom model, from the inventor himself. he takes to it like a fuckin natural:

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