Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain Speech

I don't feel qualified to offer political analysis, but I must say it is exciting to be able to choose between two excellent presidential candidates. In 2004, I chose the least worst.

Pull out all the stops in combating the energy crisis? Increase the child tax credit to help families? Build education options to hold failing schools accountable and ultimately increase their effectiveness? Use decades of experience with war and foreign policy to work toward an enduring and stable peace? Put aside differences and build consensus to move the country forward? Pretty difficult ideals to ignore!

I certainly agree with any candidate who promotes an enabling government rather than a dictating government. There is no substitute for hard work and responsible living. Dare I say these ideals are incompatible with whining and complaining? I never though I would consider John McCain endearing. I don't mean to say that my vote is decided, but tonight McCain made a very strong case for himself.

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HayK47 said...

"Drill Baby Drill" is not my idea of pulling out the stops in combating the energy crisis. Rather, it seems like a short sighted quick fix that will leave us screwed. Pun intended.