Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"the holy slow train" -- b. dylan

Suckers bringing the realness at the RNC in St. Paul:

"If you 'just tripped,' why are you pepper-spraying Jeff?"

Lindsay "Warhol Recursion" Lohan still exists. From Wikipedia:
Lohan has yet to comment on the exact nature of their relationship, stating through her publicist that she "wants to keep her private life private." When pressed by a paparazzo to deny the rumors, Ronson responded, "Are you retarded?"
Things that make that much sense:

Paparazzo: "Deny the rumors!"
George Clooney: "Am I hungry?"

Paprazzo: "Deny the rumor!"
Lisa Kudrow: "What is a quark?"

Paprazzo: "Deny a rumor!"
Winston Churchill: "Come here often?"

Two great album titles, one deep-sounding-because-we're-French-and-half-literate song title, and the my favorite band name ever:

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
Everything All the Time
Everything Is Everything
Girls Are Short

In conclusion, Michael Johnson looks like a haggard Eddie Murphy, Tony Stewart looks like a fat John Cusack, and it is hilarious to spend a year smoking up every day and getting super fat before getting completely over it and regular-size again. That must be the biggest perk of being young and male.

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